Robocom’s Warehouse Management System (R-WMS) is a flexible and cost-effective solution that provides supply chain visibility critical to success in today's global marketplace.

Manage Warehouse Resources, Improve Accuracy & Increase Visibility









Labor costs represent the largest operating expense in most warehouses, ranging from 55% to 70% of total budgets. R-Labor manages and reduces these costs while improving customer service and meeting a growing list of new service requirements.











Robocom’s Transportation Management System (R-TMS) is a unique combination of transportation management software and load planning that delivers reduced freight costs and improved load utilization resulting in cost savings of 10% or more! 



Distribution Software


Next Generation distribution software is the ideal solution for a mid-size distribution company working to put an enterprise resource planning system in place. Next Generation ERP helps you improve customer service and increase customer purchases. 









Voice Picking is the latest technology to gain popularity in the warehouse. The clear advantage that voice offers is the ability to free the hands of the person working in the warehouse, boosting his or her productivity. R-Voice improves productivity by 15 – 25% and improves worker safety!



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Flexible and Configurable Supply Chain Software

Robocom is a supply chain software company. Our products focus on supply chain execution, from warehouse management, and transportation management to voice picking, labor management, proof of delivery and asset management. An enterprise transportation system and enterprise resource planning system rounds out our supply chain offering.

Your cost of operations – the bottom line cost of your supply chain – is our primary concern. Our products improve accuracy, increase productivity in the warehouse and on the road, reduce transportation costs and provide crucial information to Supply Chain Managers and Executives.

Flexible, configurable and competent – that’s who we are.


Supply Chain Software

Increase Your Productivity

Our products improve accuracy, increase productivity in the warehouse and on the road, reduce transportation costs and provide exceptional information to Supply Chain Managers and Executives. Everything we do is aimed at reducing your costs. 

Supply Chain Software

Quick and Easy Integration

Our state of the art supply chain software products have a modular and configurable structure. That means we can implement different combinations of products and within each module we can configure existing software to fit your requirements as closely as possible. And if that is not enough, we will fine tune the software to further improve the fit. Software that fits your requirements delivers maximum benefits.

Supply Chain Software

Cost Effective

Yes, we are famous for our flexibility and our ability to meet exacting requirements. We have the people and skills to deliver software that fits your requirements in a timely manner at a cost that generates an impressive payback. Whether you  need supply chain software solutions for warehouse management, order management, transportation management, labor management or asset management, Robocom has the people and experience needed to be cost effective.



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Flexible, Configurable and Competent  
That’s Who We Are.